Steve Jobs Companies

Steven Paul Jobs was an American residential, born on 24th February 1955. He was the chief executive and chairman of apple company. Jobs took his early and higher education in California. Even at that time, Jobs showed his interest in technology.  At the age of 21, Jobs with his partner Wozniak started working on computers in Jobs’s family garage.

Steve Jobs Companies:

While we all know Steve best for his Apple company, he has a number of other ventures a lot of us still don’t know about. So, let’s discuss some of them here. However, if you want to read more about Steve Jobs Bio, we have an article for that.

  1. Apple

In 1976, Steve Job and his partner Steve Wozniak successfully created their first apple computer. Apple I was set on sale in the midsummer of the very year. In 1977, they launched Apple II which was the first colored graphic computer till then. In 1983, John Sculley became the chief executive of Apple company. He believed that Jobs was hurting Apple company, so he started conspiracies against him. Due to restrictions and feeling himself in a sort of marginalized position, Job, in 1985, left the Apple company.

  1. NEXT

Jobs left Apple in 1985 and found NEXT, it was a new startup that was in the way to build his new business of making high-end workstations. Jobs worked in NEXT for 11 years. On Dec. 20, 1996 he sold NEXT to Apple as it wasn’t a successful venture.

  1. Reinventing Apple

In 1997, Jobs was back in his previous position in the Apple company but at that time Apple company was not as it was in the 1970s. Steve Jobs is still known for establishing the company and bringing the name to it from the 1990s to date. He revisited the company’s strategic and business management and realized that the company had none. It was about to collapse and there was nothing new in the company. With a new prospect in mind, Jobs decided to bring innovation in the Apple store. Thus, giving rise to Mac Books, I phone and I pod that we all are a fan of today

  1. Pixar:

Since then, Jobs had nothing but success. Another company he purchased was George Lucas animation company that later became Pixar Animation Studio. Jobs was so confident of this animation company’s success that he invested $50 million of his own money in the purchase of the company. Well, he wasn’t wrong either as the company produced some amazing hits like The Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Finding Dori, etc.

All his companies not only give us the lesson of not giving up but tells us how risk-taking can be a huge step towards success. He believed in himself, kept innovating, and finally created a name for himself in the form of Apple and Pixar.

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