Full name Montres Rolex SA, Rolex is known for its manly, rugged yet luxurious watches. The brand has something to offer for a wide range of people, with varied styles and preferences. Their timepieces are known for their efficient functionality, magnificent designs, and classic to modern options.


The company started back in 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf, a German-born young man, moved to Switzerland. This man found work at a watch-exporting company named Chaux-de-Fonds. This man later moved to London where he decided to start his own business venture related to watches. In 1905, he and his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis, gave name to Wilsdorf & Davis Ltd.  The unique selling point of their company was that they assembled watches in London but the internal working was imported from Switzerland.

It was an era when people used conventional timepieces and huge pocket watches. However, Wilsdorf, the dominant partner, took the risk of introducing wristwatches for the first time. Rolex finally came up with the name “Rolex” and got it registered and legalized in 1908. His watches were known for being trendy and manly at the same time.

Rolex and its contributions:

Hans received a huge appraisal because of its association with human achievement. In 1910, Rolex’s first wristwatch received the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision by Official Watch Rating Center in Bienne. Rolex created Rolex Oyster that became the first waterproof watch that passed a 10-hour test from France to Great Britain. In 1953, The brand launched its first divers’ watch that could work even under 100 meters. The company also won the challenge to travel up to the Mt. Everest uphill climb.

Moreover, the brand also patented the helium escape valve in 1967 and used the 904L stainless steel in 1985 and became the first brand to use it.

Rolex Today:

Today Rolex is known for its ruggedness and good fashion sense. A lot of celebrities endorsed this brand including the fictional character of James Bond. Moreover, many movies mentioned this brand; Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, etc. The brand also contributes to the harmony and betterment of the world. Rolex has also been in a partnership with National Geographic and Sylvia Earle’s Mission Blue initiative.

Final Words:

Rolex is a brand that is established with care and excellence. It has consistently maintained its genre of adding masculinity and toughness to the watches. The brand has one of the most skilled and passionate watchmakers in the world and it clearly shows in their pieces of work.

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