Rare facts about Steve Jobs

Steven Paul Jobs is considered the father of the digital revolution and massive innovation and a design perfectionist. He had a net worth of 8 billion dollars in 2010. There is not a single executor or creator in the industry of technology, more important than him. He earned the reputation of the most daring and creative CEO of all time, the global icon who has shaken the world of technology and media. Millions of people across the world adorn his products. The company that Steve started from the garage of his house is now worth more than 742.8 billion dollars. For over 30 years, computers, movies, and mobile phones have all transformed by none other than Steve Jobs.

Steve never did the programing himself

Despite Steve’s reputation as a technology genius, he never wrote a single line of programming code for any of his multitude of Apple inventions. The programming was left on Steve’s one-time partner while Steve never did the programming or engineering himself. He did make the necessary amendments to the devices and monitors that made them appear more user-friendly and accessible.

Steve Preferred Uncomfortable work Places  

Steve Jobs made his workplaces a bit more uncomfortable after committing to diets of only one or two fruits for weeks at a time, and he believed in consuming it as the vegan subset diet of eating only fruit would eliminate his need for showering so he could spend even more time mapping out and constructing new apple products. Early employees of Steve noticed that this diet forced him to work the night shifts.

Steve’s Biological and adoptive parents

Steve Jobs was an adopted child. He was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco. His biological father, Abdulfattah, was a Syrian Muslim and his birth mother, Joanne Schieble, was an American graduate student. His unmarried biological parents decided to give their baby to Paul and Clara Jobs. They agreed to raise Steve on the promise that he would go to college.

Steve did his summer job in HP at the age of 12

From early years Steve started showing his interest in technology and attended various after-school lectures at the Hewlett Packard Company. He briefly worked at the same company as a summer intern with Steve Wozniak. At the age of 12, HP founder Bill Hewlett offered him a summer job after Steve called him asking for parts for an electronics project. Its known that Steve had a keen interest in engineering from a very young age.

Steve died of respiratory arrest related to tumor

Steve Jobs got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He tried natural alternative healing, such as becoming vegan acupuncture and herbal remedies, and resisted medicines. In 2009 Steve went on medical needs and received a liver transplant. By the end of June, Steve returned to Apple and attended various meetings and seminars. By the end of 2010, Apple sold over 15 million iPads as of March 2011, Apple sold about 108 million iPhones worldwide, and the success story continues. Steve goes on another medical leave and quits of CEO on August 24, and on October 5, 2011, Steve’s family announced that he died peacefully. Steve Jobs died at his home in Palo Alto with his family at his side.


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