Per Second Earnings of Bill Gates

Bill Gates, an American entrepreneur and co-founder of Microsoft, now the second richest man on earth, was born in Seattle, Washington, on October 28, 1955. From being a college dropout to be the world’s second-richest person, Bill Gates’s life is full of inspiration. Per Second Earnings of Bill Gates can’t be calculated exactly, however, we can make a rough estimate. The estimate is shown at the end of the article.

Per Second Earnings of Bill Gates

Gates became a billionaire at the age of 31 and held the title of the world’s youngest self-made billionaire until 2008 when Mark Zuckerberg dethroned him by becoming a billionaire at the age of 23 years. The journey started when Gates earned $4200 by selling his self-made computer program at the age of 17 when he was in high school.

In 1975 Bill Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen. Building an operating system for IBM’s first personal computer in 1980 proved the breakthrough for the company. After being getting public, Microsoft earned $61 million and Bill Gates made $1.6 million by selling the shares. Bill Gates stepped down as Chief executive officer of Microsoft and started today’s world’s largest private foundation with his wife Melinda Gates named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. Today Bill Gates holds just 1% shares of Microsoft donating or selling most of his shares. He donated more than $35.8 billion of his shares.

Although Gates is the world’s second-richest man, he still wears a wristwatch of $10 and drinks Diet Coke three to four cans per day from anywhere. Gates children receive $10 million each, which is approximately 1.1% of his total money. He is having a net worth of $108.4 billion, according to Forbes. Bill’s source of income is not just Microsoft; he holds the stacks in many companies. Significant sources of Bill Gates income are:

Company Shares held Value (April 2020)
Microsoft Corporation 100 million $16 billion
Arcos Dorados Holdings 8580900 $26.2 million
Canadian National Railway 101,400,770 $7.6 billion
Ecolab 30,685,554 $4.5 billion
AutoNation 18,431,162 $436.8million
Coca-Cola 25,793,660 $997 million
Berkshire Hathaway 6,075,000 $1.07 billion
Deere & Co 31,510,573 $4.2 billion
Waste Management 108,802,519 $7.8 billion
Otter Tail 3,456,999 $142.6 million
Republic Services 108,802,519 $7.8 billion
Legg Mason Fund 13,517,715 $131.8 million

Major Investments:

Bill Gates also invested in many other companies, hotels and resorts. Other major investments of Bill Gates are:

  • Carpetright
  • Dante-O-Giovanni Corporation
  • ElBarbary Investment Group
  • Mexican brewer FEMSA
  • ICOS
  • John Deere
  • Liberty Global
  • Nimbus Discovery
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Schrodinger
  • Sapphire Energy
  • Scient
  • Schnitzer Steel Industries
  • Televisa
  • Wisconsin Central Transportation
  • Four seasonal hotels and resorts

According to THE STREET world’s second-richest person, Bill Gates is making $127 per second from all these sources.


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