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A documentary named Life was produced by the BBC in collaboration with the Open University. It was one of the most costly and tremendously alluring TV series being produced in the history of BBC. Everything caught by the eye of the camera was surprising for the audience. The whole series was full of the aesthetics of nature. The very first version that is British one is narrated by Dr. David Fredrick Attenborough and the other one is American that was narrated by a famous North American figure Oprah Winfrey and was broadcasted by Discovery channel.

The series was broadcasted by BBC on 15th October 2009 and after almost a month Discovery channel also broadcasted it on 12th November 2009. It took four years for the production of the whole series. The main focus of the series was to capture the life and survival of every species on planet earth. The whole project was more about telling humans about the existence of other beings as well. The series was surely not much concerned with the money earned. The whole series consists of 10 episodes and the duration of each episode is 43 minutes.

A very Courageous Step by Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey did a great job while narrating the series with her soft and smooth tone she made the documentary even more enjoyable and persistent. Her tone was managed to grab the attention of the audience. The quotes she used according to the scenes were fairly matched with the scene and was based on facts. The images and clips presented on the screen were amazing that they can’t let your attention gone elsewhere. Even the editing is admirable. You can see the insects, frogs, and lizards jumping here and there and catching their prey in slow motion. You can realize the efforts being placed in the whole process just after watching the first episode. Hanging on trees, going deep into the water, and climbing mountains while holding cameras take a lot of courage, skill, and hard work.

Oprah stated in an interview about her experience while narrating the series:

I marvel at the beauty and wonder of nature and am in perpetual awe of the miracle of life in all forms, so to have a chance to lend a voice to the symphony of Life was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

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