Oprah Winfrey Personal Life – A Glimpse

Oprah Gail Winfrey was born on 29th January 1954 in rural Kosciusko Mississippi, America. The interesting fact about Oprah is that her legal name is Orpah that is taken from the Bible but unfortunately she lost her real name because people found it difficult to pronounce. That’s how Orpah turned into Oprah after switching the r and p.  She is prominent as a host of an American talk show named The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah is also known as a television producer, actress, author, and humanitarian. She is often called the most influential and strong woman in the world. Oprah was considered the richest black American of the 20th century and the first multi-billionaire lady from North America. Here is a glimpse of Oprah Winfrey personal life.

Early life

Oprah was not born in a wealthy family and she spent a life full of hardships. Her mother Vernita Lee was a housemaid and became pregnant with Vernon Winfrey who was a coal miner, in her teenage. Just after the birth of Oprah, her unmarried parents got separated. Her mother moved to North America and Oprah spent her early six years with her maternal grandmother. Her grandmother Hattie Mae was a very poor lady that she could not even provide the little Oprah with proper clothes. But the poor grandmother took care of Oprah and taught her to read even before the age of 3. Oprah surely was an exceptional kid as she learned to read in an age when ordinary kids hardly learn anything. She was being called the preacher due to her ability to read verses from the bible.


Just after Oprah turned 6 she was sent with her mother to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her mother was not very concerned with her and she didn’t pay much attention to her. Oprah worked as a maid for a long time and in the meantime Oprah’s half-sister Patricia was born. When Oprah turned 8 her mother sent her to her father in Nashville, Tennessee as it was hard for her to take care of two daughters. Vernon played his role as a strict father but he was concerned to educate her daughter knowing her abilities.  While Oprah was living with father her mother gave birth to another daughter who was adopted by someone and later she was also named Patricia. After living with her father for some time she again moved with her mother. Vernon also gave birth to her half-brother Jeffery lee.

Puberty and older adolescence.

Oprah stated about her teenage that when she was growing she faced constant sexual assault by family members while she was in her teen years. At the age of 13, she finally decided to help herself and ran away. At the age of 14, Oprah became pregnant and gave birth to a premature boy who didn’t survive and died after a period. She did her first job as a teenager in a grocery store. At the age of 17, she won the Miss Black Tennessee Beauty and grabbed the attention of WVOL. These years can be considered as the golden years of Oprah as while facing all the hardships she struggled and flourished herself to what she is in present.



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