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Steve Job, the co-founder of Apple Company, died of pancreatic cancer in 2011. Steve Jobs was an influential multi-millionaire businessman. When he was diagnosed with cancer, many directors started thinking of making films and documentaries about his life to preserve his legacy even before his death. Moreover, Steve Jobs also asked Walter Isaacson, the famous author who wrote the biography of Albert Einstien, to write his biography named Steve Jobs. In this way, he gave us access to Steve Jobs’s life. If you are an Apple fan, we recommend you to watch the following movies about Steve Jobs.


Release date:   15 April 2013

Director:  Ryan Perez

Writer: Ryan Perez

Justin Long portrayed the Character of Jobs. The movie depicts the life of Steve Jobs in a comedic way.


Release Date: 2013

Director: Joshua Michael Stern

Writer: Matt Whitely

Ashton Kutcher played the role of Steve Jobs. The movie depicts the life of Steve Jobs in a very creative way.  The film shows how the student who dropped out of college turns into a successful entrepreneur. The movie depicts many untrue events. But still, it is very informative to know about Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs:

Release Date: 23 October 2015

Director: Danny Boyle

Writer: Aaron Sorkin

Michael Fassbender portrayed the Character of Steve Jobs. The movie starts when Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ friend,  were about to unveil the first Mac in 1984. Movie also put light on the relationship of Steve with Chrisann Brennan, the ex-girlfriend, and their daughter Lisa. The movie ends with the unveiling of iMac in 1988.

The movie ‘Steve Jobs’ also contains many untrue events, and the fans of Apple also didn’t like the movie very much.

Pirates of  Silicon Valley:

Release Date: 20 June 1999

Director: Alex Gibney

Writer: Martyn Burke

It is a drama film based on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Noah Wile portrayed the role of Steve Jobs while Anthony Michael Hall played the character of Bill Gates. The movie is inspired by the book Fire in Valley. The drama shows how the rivalry between Bill Gates and Jobs affects Apple Company and Microsoft Company’s development.





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