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If you are looking for an ultimate hair care solution, Kristen Ess is your brand. It delivers a wide range of products for various hair types. The company aims to provide the right product to the right customer. Moreover, they also aim to provide luxury products at an affordable price.


As stated above, Kristen Ess began with the idea of producing luxury hair products at a minimal, affordable price. Many of us might have experienced that effective hair care products come with high price tags. These price tags make us all hesitant to purchase them because we want to purchase these commodity goods over and over again. Thus, Kristen Ess provides a hair care product line at a bearable price.

Unique Value Proposition:

Every brand must have a quality that makes it stand out from the rest. In the case of Kristen Ess, it has its unique Zip-Up Technology. This Zip-Up Technology is basically a strengthening complex, that is designed to “zip-up” the damage split ends and rough hair. The company claims that its special complex makes hair nice and protected. The best part is that all this comes in a relatively affordable price. A lot to offer right? Kristen Ess is the perfectly affordable product for you


The products range in multiple dimensions for different hair needs. This includes cleansing conditioners, restoring hair care solutions, wet styling products, dry styling products, scalp care solutions, and finally a separate product range for curly hair. One amazing thing about their product line is that they also include a fragrance free product range that is specifically designed for people who don’t like pungent smells coming from their scalps.

Our Review:

The final word about the products is that this product range is perfect for versatile hair needs. The conditioners by Kristen Ess are highly nourishing and moisturizing. Moreover, the crème and gels also leave the skin smooth and easy to manage. These shampoos and conditioners are easy to use and highly hydrating as well. Overall, I would recommend these products because they are highly affordable and most important, they work.

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