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One of the most influential businesswomen today is Katrina Lake. Katrina is an American entrepreneur, born on December 24, 1982. She is 38 years at present and has been praised as one of the most successful women in America. Lake is the CEO and founder of the worldwide known retail brand named Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a unique, innovative personalized fashion-based brand that creates customized clothing options for women online. This business idea led Katrina on a path that became her a much-celebrated businesswoman in America, and around the world.

Educational Background:

Katrina Lake grew up in a small family in San Francisco, America. She was born to a mother who was a Japanese immigrant who was a teacher, and her father was a renowned doctor at UCSF.  Growing up, inspired by her father Ms. Lake wanted to follow in his footsteps. She initially wanted to become a doctor but with the passage of time, she realized that her dream was something else. During her graduation, she figured out her keen interest in business and economics. This interest eventually led her to go for MBA from Harvard Business School. During her Master’s degree, she kept working on an innovative business plan that could help her change the way people look at retailing.

Successful business career:

Katrina’s innovative thinking and focused determination to create something new led her to the idea of creating personalized online clothing retail services. She founded Stitch Fix when she still lived in her Cambridge apartment in 2011 during her MBA degree. With stitch fix, She wanted to make a difference in the lives of working women who wanted a more convenient way of online personalized clothing. She hired a team of stylists and data scientists who provided unique, customized products at the doorsteps of the customers. The idea skyrocketed with a huge number of people drawn to such accessible services.

Personal Life:

This young entrepreneur is as happy in her personal life as is in her career. Katrina happily married John Clifford, an American investor, in December 2017. The couple shares a beautiful bond, as evident from their social media updates. Katrina and John are not shy at all to show their unconditional love for each other. They keep appreciating one another and share interesting travel stories. The couple today has two beautiful sons who live with their parents and this beautiful family is worth all the appraisal and love.

Current position:

Lake brought the company to the public in 2017 when she was just 34 years old. This young female entrepreneur was thereby titled as the youngest female founder ever to lead an IPO. She owned a total of 10% share of the company at the time of the IPO offer. Her company was a massive success with over three million active customers, creating a wholesome $1.6 billion revenue in 2019. At the age of 38, Katrina Lake is a name in online retailing. She holds a current net worth of around $460 million.

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