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America has produced a number of successful entrepreneurs and Jay Adelson is one of them. Born on September 7, 1970, Jay is now around 51 years old. This internet entrepreneur is known as the founder of Opsmatic. In 2013, he founded and became the CEO of Opsmatic, a tech company focused on improving the productivity of operations teams. Adelson’s internet career was not merely focused on Opsmatic his career expanded much further. Jay Adelson was also named a member of Time Magazine’s top 100 list in 2009. Below is Jay Adelson Biography.

Early life and Education:

Jay Adelson, also known as Jay Steven Adelson, is always competitive for education. He started his primary education and went for high school graduation from Cranbrook Kingswood School. Furthermore, Jay enrolled in Boston University to study film and Broadcasting, with his majors residing in computer sciences. He started university in 1992 and completed in the following years.

Career Journey:

After completing his graduation, Jay moved to San Rafael California to start his career in sound-engineering. In 1993, he moved to San Francisco to commence his journey in the internet infrastructure. Jay’s career had just begun but it was worth much more with the passage of time:


In 1993, Jay joined Netcom, where he served as an Installation Coordinator initially, but then promoted to Director of Network Operations position. By the start of 1995, Adelson was managing the network operations for the company during which he also caught a computer hacker named Kevin Mitnick by Tsutomu Shimomura.


In 1996, Adelson started working at Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX). He worked along with the team for the datacenter and services to manage to internet traffic of the company. His continuous efforts for the company led to the massive success of Internet Exchange Point. Equinix later acquired PAIX in 2009, after the acquisition of Switch and Data.


By the mid of 1998, Adelson and Avery left Digital Equipment Corp and came with the idea of Equinix Inc., where Adelson worked as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the company. He took the sole responsibility of catering new inventions, innovation, internet operations, etc., of the company.

Revision3 and Digg:

Adelson has also worked as the CEO and co-founder of Digg and Revision3. He served as a member of the Board of Directors for Revision3 for more than 2 years, raising huge monetary revenues for the company.


In 2013, Adelson co-founded Opsmatic along with two partners; Mikhail Panchenko and Jim Stoneham. They launched the company in public in 2014; however, Jay took a step back since he wanted to focus on a new venture called center electric.

Center Electric:

In 2014, Jay co-founded Center Electric with partner Andy Smith. It’s a technology venture that focuses on the Internet of Things.

Throughout his journey, Jay Adelson showed thorough focus and constant dedication towards his career. His keen interest and vast knowledge helped him grow throughout his years of career.

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