Foreo has been cherished for its cosmetic and beauty products for years. The brand is famous worldwide for its quality products and constantly innovative ideas. The brand deals in skincare, oral care, men accessories, and everyday products.

About the CEO:

The owner and founder of this brand is Filip Sedic. He is the man behind this constantly innovative brand and also behind LUNA, UFO, and ISSA. The Sweden based CEO has relentlessly put in all efforts to constantly bring something better than before. Filip started the company in 2013 and since then the company has expanded worldwide. The brand has a huge number of technical brand experts that are working to raise the beauty standards globally. Sedic believes that everyone, despite the racial or geographical differences, deserves to use quality assured beauty products. Thus, they have been actively delivering quality service throughout the globe.

Moreover, Foreo successfully became the first digital marketing agency in Sweden. Since then, Foreo has been known for its high-tech products and versatile designs.

Product Designed for?

The potential market for the products by Foreo are those people who are passionate about using technology in making lives better. The company uses technology in beauty products while assuring no compromise on hygiene.

The journey to Globalization:

In 2013, the Swedish headquarters of Foreo had only two employees.  Today, the company has over 3000 people working for them around the world. The company has proudly delivered 20 million Foreo products worldwide.

Awards and successes:

The company has also won a number of awards and appreciations including; Elle Beauty Awards 2019, Premios Producto Del Ano 2018, Cosmopolitan Best Face Device, Design Award 2019, etc. The company has a common practice of being “committed” to their work, thus, they are aiming for more and more milestones to achieve.

Overall, the CEO wishes to create a difference through his highly innovative and efficient beauty devices. In fact, he is pretty much successful and his brand is getting an appraisal from various skincare gurus and beauty experts.

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