Florence by Mills

One of the youngest CEOs worldwide includes Millie Bobby Brown, who is just 16 years of age. The actress has successfully established a brand that deals in skincare and makeup. The website of Florence is vibrant, cheerful, and flamboyant, which is exactly how a teenager would like her products to be. The products are made with skin sensitivity in mind and, thus, most of the products are skin-friendly, easily recommendable for teenagers and young girls.

Brief History:

The brand was established on the name of Millie aka Mills. The stranger things’ child star has been through a lot of makeup and skincare routines and she decided to use what she learned for the good. Thus, Florence by Mills originated. Bobby also states that she named the brand Florence after her grandma who does what she loves and does it without regrets.

Perfect Brand Positioning:

The brand positions itself as a fun brand that is not about meeting any beauty standards. The brand aims to explore fun and live lives according to our hearts. This is further validated by the fact that this brand doesn’t use any harming chemicals onto the skin. These products are free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, and animal testing. So, the company also ensures safety for the user. Moreover, it has also been working on the CSR by donating to the Olivia Hope Foundation. It is clear from the points stated above that Florence by Mills tries its best to be a position as a customer-oriented brand that doesn’t believe in defined beauty standards. To be fair, it clearly fits its claim too.

Brand Right now:

This brand has successfully been targeting Gen Z with its catchy colors and vibrant website layout. Millie used a refreshing approach to endorse its products. The fact, that these products are good on the skin and still relatively affordable, is amazing. Mills have successfully eradicated the fashion that has to be done in order to embrace the worldly beauty standards.


Mills is currently dealing with skincare and makeup products that include a wide range of skincare solutions. However, it is predicted that the famous sc-fiction lead actress will expand her product line. Her main focus, however, should still revolve around vitamin-infused and botanical skincare products. This will help establish a good reputation for the company and earn more brand equity.

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