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Bill Gates—you might know him as a co-founder of Microsoft Company or one of the wealthiest people on earth. Right?  But Bill Gates has not only got lots of money but a generous heart to donate his money as well. According to Forbes, he has donated more than $45 billion since 1994. Bill Gates is known among many hearts for his kindness. Donations by Bill Gates have helped a lot of people around the globe.

In this article, we will discuss the funds and charity he gave to many organizations.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill Gates and his sweetheart Melinda Gates founded a foundation named William H foundation in 1994. The Foundation has taken its name from Bill Gates’ father, William H. Gates Foundation. The Foundation aimed to improve the health of children in developing countries.

Three years later, in 1997, the generous couple founded the Gates Library Foundation. The Foundation was based on the motive that it will improve internet access in public libraries.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, founded in 2020, is a merger of the Gates library foundation and William H. Gates Foundation.  Although there are three trustees—Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates, yet Bill Gates and his wife are major contributors to the Foundation. You know he didn’t only contribute money but also gave up on the CEO position at Microsoft.  So, he could give more time to the Foundation.

Initially, it’s aim was to improve education and public health. Later, it started working on global health, Global Policy and advocacy, Global growth, and opportunity program, and global development program. From the research, we get to know that the Foundation since 2020 has funded around about $28.

The Foundation has collaborated with many non-profit organizations to improve health and education. Major donations of the Foundation are:

Rotatory Foundation;

According to Forbes, Bill Gates donated $885 million to the rotatory Foundation for the global eradication of polio in 2007. According to Bill Gates, Rotatory Foundation has played an essential part in the eradication of polio.


When they realized that children in poor countries are dying because of lack of immunization, Bill and Melinda Gates decided to invest in GAVI (The Global Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization ) as founding partners. Initially, the Foundation donated over $750 million for the establishment of GAVI in 1999. Since then, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated over $4 billion to GAVI.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $1 billion for the establishment of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program. GMS is currently administered by United Negro College Fund. Until now, more than 20,000 students are awarded the scholarship.


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