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If you know about the famous online music streaming app Spotify, you should probably know a little about its co-founder, Daniel Ek. Daniel Ek is a Swedish-born entrepreneur with a life full of continuous efforts and determination. Ek was a college drop-out who starts working as a website developer when was a teenager. Young but enthusiastic, Ek’s entire focus lied on creating a market opportunity that could serve the masses and provide value to the audience.

Career journey:

He started his career by establishing an online marketing service provider company called Vertigo. Ek sold this company to Tradedoubler a few years later, which was a blessing in disguise for him. As he sold the company, he came in contact with Martin Lorentzon, who was the co-founder of Tradedoubler. Both individuals came up with an innovative plan of creating an online channel for providing unlimited music streaming. This idea spurred in the shape of Spotify on the face of the earth.

Market Performance:

Spotify is currently the world’s largest music streaming platform with the biggest music collection in history. Records in 2020 show that Spotify has a market share estimated at around 32% with the revenue totaling up to €7.8 billion ($10.8 billion), with an operating loss of $581 million. The amazing performance of his brand made Daniel Ek one of the most successful people in the world. Daniel Ek’s Spotify has more than 87 million paying subscribers, with over 180 million users. Spotify was also included in the New York Stock Exchange and made $27 billion on its first day of launch.

Net Worth:

Furthermore, Ek has lived a lifestyle everyone wishes for. He arranged a dream wedding with his wife, Sofia Levander, at Lake Como. Ek is very fond of music and his keen taste for music is also evident from the fact that he invited Bruno Mars to perform for his wedding. His wedding was officiated by Chris Rock, and he further invited numerous guests such as Mark Zuckerberg, etc. Today, the family, along with two children, are leading a happy and wealthy life.

This CEO and founder of Spotify has a net worth of around $5 Billion. His name also appeared in Forbes list of Billionaires of 2020. Moreover, he has also marked his name among the Global Game Changers of 2016. With such incredible performance, Daniel is no doubt one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in the world.

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