Bill Gates Amazing Life Facts

Bill gates knew that he has to transform the era as soon as he entered college

William Henry Bill Gates iii belonged to a business family. His ancestors were American banking industry icons and he inherited it well along with extraordinary curiosity and intelligence. In his early childhood, gates loved to read the world encyclopedia. Whenever his mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, asked him about what is he doing? He replied every time, “I’m thinking mother.” Bill Gates was an extremely talented and curious child. He preferred to spend time with books and indoor games rather than playing with other kids and engage in outdoor sports.

Bill was very competitive at playing cards and monopoly knowing being at the right place and at a right time can make you rich. He was insanely curious and his thirst for knowing more was never quenched. at the age of fifteen when the bill was in his high school, he developed a computer program named, “Traf-O-Data” that measured traffic flow data at Seattle l district and made $20,000. With the luxury of his family fortune, the bill was all set to revolutionize the world through computers.

Bill Gates became very emotionally independent in his early teenage

Bill gates was a very smart kid but his extreme curiosity with math and science made him a loner and an introvert person. His mother Mary Maxwell was a teacher. Civic activists always asked him to participate in family events but he never seemed to listen to his parents in this regard. Here the clashes with the family started and the bill went through therapies and his parents changed his school which they thought would improve his apparent lack of direction. Seattle lakeside prep was his next destination, bill relished academic challenges and proved himself as an exceptional student. Gates was addicted to computers. His early childhood school had a computer and he preferred to write software codes rather than sleeping at night. Who knows that one this little child is going to change the world with ideas!

Bill Gates slept during exams at Harvard University but he was always on the go while working with computers

Bill Gates was a genius, with a different agenda? He graduated in 1973 from the lakeside and he was accepted at Cambridge Massachusetts Harvard University to study law but his destiny was already set, which was computer-driven. The program of study couldn’t ignite his curiosity and imagination. He slept during his tests but he was always ready to go 24/7 while he was working on computers.

Bill Gates was dropped out of Harvard and Started Microsoft

He wanted to promote personal computer culture and he worked day and night to develop user-friendly computer programs. In 1979 Microsoft started to sell its computer programs to other companies and made over $1 million. He became the youngest millionaire.

Apart from being a computer nerd, Bill Gates was a marketing and business genius. Perhaps he carried his family legacy along with his exceptional skills. His mother played a pivotal role during the early corporate reach out of Microsoft products. He met the CEO of IBM through his mother Mary Maxwell. Bill Gates developed Microsoft MS-DOS for IBMs first personal computer. By not owning the software, IBM had to pay licensing fees for every single copy of MS-DOS installed in their computers. Till now Microsoft is not only making a staggering continuous growth with much-advanced software but also bill gates is now one of the richest people on this planet.

Gates spent millions of dollars to develop a sewerage water purification system for poor African countries

He started as a great philanthropist. Bill gates foundation commits to improving the quality of human life on this planet. He also spends a big portion of his earning to eradicate contagious diseases in Africa. They recently developed a system that not only converts the sewerage water into drinkable water but also inhibits its mixing with the land water. This project rendered great results and directly improved the quality of life of the poor. This also helped in the dry African regions that were endangered due to life-threatening diseases and lack of access to clean drinking water.

“As We Look Ahead into the Next Century, Leaders Will be Those who Empower Others.”
-Bill Gates


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