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Florence by Mills has all over been internet since the date it’s launched; stranger things actress Millie Bobby Brown has been quietly working on her brand in this Quarantine, and just at the age of 15, she managed to bring one of the best skincare brands out there in the market.

Named after her great-grandmother and her family nickname, the line of skincare and makeup offers a full routine’s worth of products (19 in total) that covers all the beauty basics, from mascara to moisturizer. Being an animal-lover, Millie carefully crafted all these products to be PETA-certified, vegan, and cruelty-free.

According to Millie’s personal Instagram announcement, the brand took two years of research and development to launch. When it comes to the line’s makeup, there is something in the collection for everyone, as well. You’ll find cream blushes and concealers that are both user-friendly and easy to use while on the go.

Let’s Have a look at some of the top products from Florence by Mills.

Florence by Mills Mind Glowing Peel Off Mask

Florence by Mills Mind Glowing Peel Off MaskA purple peel off charcoal mask, that can help you get way with tiredness after a hectic day at work. When applied on the skin, you can feel the charcoal working on your skin by taking out all the dirt, while witch hazel that’s another critical ingredient of this mask will keep your skin feel the freshness and provide it the happiness it deserves. Lavender Oil in this mask will soothe and detoxify your skin.

Zero Chill Face Mist

Zero Chill Face MistAccording to Millie, this mist was especially made for her mom. The key ingredients in this mist; Thyme extract, Bladderwreck Seaweed and Rose & Lavender blend refreshes your face and make you look chill. The face mist is pocket friendly and you can carry it around anywhere without any hazzle. It gives you instant moisture that you may need when your skin feels a bit dry. A botanical, rose-infused spray that restores good vibes when our skin has zero chill.

Rose and lavender work together to give skin a big sip of calming moisture with just one spritz. Made with seaweed; a natural skin-soother rich in yummy nutrients and pollution-busting thyme extract, this wonder mist instantly transforms our skin from moody mills to major mills!

Florence by Mills 16 Wishes Eyeshadow Palette

Florence by Mills 16 Wishes Eyeshadow PaletteConsidering her busy lifestyle, Millie designed this palette to be split up in two or three smaller palettes that are easy to take wherever you want to. As the name suggests, it features sixteen shades that represents one of Millie’s values, with names like Success, Optimism, Happiness, Love, Justice, Peace, and Friendship. It’s also broken up into three magnetic pieces: in one piece, there are eight warm shades, and in another, there are four cool tones like an icy blue (Hope) and a light green (Generosity). The last piece has three metallic pinks and a shimmery purple.

The eyeshadows are super pigmented and looks drop dead gorgeous when applied on eyes.

Florence by Mills Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads

Florence by Mills Swimming Under the Eyes Gel PadsYour eyes will thank you for these gel pads because who love puffy eyes? No one and these eye pads here are the best for reducing them. When applied to your under-eye area, they constrict and also deliver all the ingredients to the area to reduce the puffiness.

It comes in very cute whale shaped gel pads that cover whole the area and look adorable too. It brings instant coolness when applied. Biggest benefit? It won’t slip away at any cost! So, you can take eat too after applying them under your eyes.

Cheek me later Cheek Blush

Cheek me later Cheek BlushOn the days, when you don’t feel like applying any heavy makeup and want to go for natural makeup, this blush is your savior for that day.

It’s a beautiful crème blush that comes under different shades to choose according to your skin tone. A few dabs of this blush and your cheek will glow up with a subtle color that suits everyday look. Its formula is so light weighted that you can apply it multiple times if you want to intensify the color, and it still won’t look cakey or too much.

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