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Filters are great, but great skin is better and in order to get great skin, your skincare routine should be terrific! Many times, we’re doing a lot of home remedies, applying lots of cleansers but still suffer from acne, dark spots, and fine lines. Why does this happen?

Well, because if you’re using skincare products, you must use the right skincare devices. What will happen if you combine good products with good devices? Magic. To do this magic, and to relieve you from all the stress that your bad skin is causing, Foreo is here.

With Foreo, you can, and you’ll achieve it all from the comfort of your very own living room.

Here are some of the top Foreo devices that may suit you.

Foreo UFO Smart Mask Device

foreo ufoIf you like mess free masks, then this one is for you. Applying sheet masks is a task in itself, it gets slippery and slips down from the face, sometimes the result isn’t that promising, and sometimes they even worsen your skin, but you can’t argue with that. The only thing you can do is try a new better mask, but with UFO you don’t have to worry about anything like this.

UFO smart mask is a compact, disc-like device that promises fast, mess-free masking. What’s more, the handheld tool uses built-in LED light therapy to boost masking benefits and give you a mini-facial in 90 seconds. It’s like going to the washroom with dull boring skin and coming out as a completely new person with flawless skin.

So, how exactly does the UFO work? First, you download the Foreo app and sync the device with your phone. Then, you scan the FOREO treatment mask of your choice—this is so the app knows what LED light therapy program to use. Next, pop the circular sheet mask into the device, secure it, and start gliding the UFO across your skin in circular motions. When the 90 seconds is up, the device will automatically shut off. If we talk about results, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated, fresh and plumped. After just one use, you’ll see the change it gives yourself.


Luna 2 is the best cleanser you can find; it comes in a handheld size perfect for helping you to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.

It comes in 4 different options according to your skin type; Normal skin, Oily skin, Sensitive skin and All skin types. You an select according to your skin type and cleanse all that dirt from your face right away. You can use the Luna 2 for two minutes each time you cleanse your face, you’ll get deeper cleanse which will help your skin to look fresh and spotless.

Luna 2 For Men

LUNA 2 menLuna 2 and Luna 2 men are almost same, the only difference between both is of color. The luna 2 for men comes in black color. But according to Foreo, this device can help men in shaving too. Foreo adds that a Luna 2 for men can help prevent razor burn. And other shaving irritation and allow your razors to last twice as long. If you’re a man who wants to pay extra attention to its skin, you can select this device.

Luna 3

luna 3Luna 3 is the newest to the cleanser collection by Foreo. It offers deepest cleanse in just a minute, it deeply cleanses your skin, remove dirt and oil, clean all sweat and help in prevention of acne. It has soft bristles and a larger brush that can cover the most area of your face without any problem. Luna 3 is available for normal skin, combination and oily skin types, it offers 650 uses in just a single charge too.

Luna Go

luna goThe last among the list is for all the women who’re in their 30s or 40s, Luna Go is a palm-sized version of the Luna, and features an anti-aging mode, helping to smooth wrinkle-prone areas of your face, like your forehead and laugh lines. You can select the version according to your skin type; sensitive skin, normal, oily or dry.



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