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The title of the “Real Life Iron Man” is not an easy one to attain but Elon Musk seems to have conquered this as well. The fact that Robert Downey Jr turned to this legendary man in order to paint himself correctly as Tony Stark for Iron Man alone holds monumental power. The multibillionaire originator of crucial and profound companies including Tesla and SpaceX unlike most of the celebrities gave in to what the social media threw at him. Deciding to be one of the few notable people to commentate over memes Elon Musk earned the respect of the meme community patently.

It certainly is not a simple task to deal with the success when people are constantly breathing down your neck. And waiting for you to make a mistake and screw up. But some people get comfortable and accept the fact that they have to survive with this. Elon Musk might have just mastered the said art. Making himself vulnerable to be used in humorous pictures, videos or pieces of texts, he has achieved much more than others in the same field line.

He knows what his audience desires. Elon does the promotional work with efficiency and through creative mediums helping him earn and making his buyers ecstatic.

During this century when most of the things revolve around the meme culture, Musk understands the formula which provides with the correct results. Engaging himself in memes and making some himself, he has earned himself the title of “Meme Lord” as well.

Mathematic and geometric nerds have not stayed back during this meme prevailing period but have used their knowledge and created humour from it. One of which include the graph alignment made by the modification of Musk’s SpaceX Company.

Memes About His Child’s Name:

The most recent of the memes made on Elon Musk have been regarding the name of his new-born son. The unusual name announcement perked up many ears if not all and remains a topic of interest days after the statement’s initial release. Naturally, people took the name as a joke but its later confirmed by the son’s mother, Grimes. The couple still has not explained how the name is pronounced. But people have succeeded in making assumptions and memes about this colossal news which unknowingly affected many. Following the news, the jokes started piling on over X Æ A-12’s announcement.

Memes have been a highlight this entire century and will continue to rule the world for the foreseeable future. Leaning into this witty yet sometimes moronic trend seems to be the most intelligent thing to do when you have goals to achieve. Elon Musk is doing just that as of now and is considerably terrific at it as well.


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